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Black Butterfly's Poetry Books

Black Butterfly's Poetry Books

Black Butterfly's Poetry Books  will tell you the back story behind Black Butterfly a.k.a Lil' Bit, these books will leave you thinking, crying, laughing and appreciating who you are and what your world looks like, which is the most important thing.



*Your past is theirs, your present is yours and your forever is GOD.

  • Unwanted Confessions Confirmed

    Is a story of a girl, who has experienced being tested with triumph, tradgedy, knowledge, morals, values and of course CONFESSIONS!


    * never let your confessions be the thing that makes you, it has shaped you to who you are now but you can fix it, but remember it is meant to hold you back so excel through life and make your dreams come true!!

  • Sour Lemonade

    Sour Lemonade is a constant reminder of keeping your loved ones close, regaining power and strenghth within yourself.

    No picture will ever be perfect and no life will remaine the same, in this book you can learn what that may look like for you. Take your voice back, treat others the way you should treat them and not how you want to treat them, keep your family close and learn from them, every experience is different with a different person. 

    * Family is important and you should keep them close.  Memories matter. Take pictures often. 

    *You matter, be a resilent Butterfly!


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